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musical rush

There's been a mad musical rush in February, so far. It's almost as if I'm behind and need to do a little catching up. What makes it even better, however, is that I'm hoping this is the way that the year turns out, because 2003 was a little limp. Check it:

  • There's the radio blogging thing that's hit everyone in full force....from Prime, Karsh, S-Train, Buccho, and myself, there's a musical cornucopia going on in the oh fresh. I'm waiting for a couple of more music-centric people to join in on the Radio Blog train, because there's lots out there.
  • S-Train, a while back, had mentioned the 1997 recording of H.O.T.E.P. on his Blog Radio. As I'm sitting here listening to it at work, I'm waiting for Gloria and Emilio Estevan to walk through the door with him and jam right here in the middle of the joint. I like it, really I do.
  • Then S-Train mentions Feed The Cat, and it's on Amazon backorder. After hearing the one joint on his Radio Blog, I had to pick it up.
  • Seek just came through the mail, so now I'm all geeked out over that CD.
  • JT mentioned Madlib, so that's in the mix.
  • Gldnspce and I are feeling Jason Mraz. Again, the pot is getting full.
  • I got a copy of The Grey Album and I was demanded that I review that pronto.
  • Then, I started listening to Kanye and now I'm in complete agreement with Magic Negro that this is indeed dope. I would be remiss if I didn't review it this week.

With a total of 6 CDs to review, I think I'm in overload heaven. In which order should I review these? Anything else I forgot, people? Bring it on!

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big post of life lists - the first of the 'oh fresh'

Happy New Year. Via Mister JT....

Name four things you wished you had ::

A new laptop. How long have I been whining about that though?
A workout partner. Trainer's becoming a bit too expensive.
A solid contract spanning the year.
More time.

Name four things you are thinking about:

Travelling to the N.Y.C.
Purchasing more CDs.
Green Tea.
Visiting some long lost friends.

Name four things you did today ::

Read through Bloglines
Purchased some more CDs.

Top 5 songs of the right now ::

"momentinlife" - Musiq featuring Kindred The Family Soul and Cee-lo
Something about this cut just thrills me at all times, and this CD is really growing on me in a good way.

"Communion (Instrumental)" - Swing Out Sister
Every so often, I have to jump into the wayback machine. A drummer's gotta beat, after all.

"Since I Seen't You" - Anthony Hamilton
This should be the next single, no doubt.

"Half A Breath Away" - Esthero
I'm so afraid that we may never hear another thing from her again. I had to dig this outta the crate.

"Bowtie" - Outkast
It's still up in my head. This should definitely be the next release.

Last thing you ::

• Did :: Let my beagle Anna lick me while I blogged.
• Read ::Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides. Still Reading.
• Watched on TV :: Boiling Point on MTV

Who do you want to ::

Kill :: No one of note.
Hear from :: Wilkerson.
Look like :: Today, I'll say me. With a haircut of course.
Be like :: Donald Trump, so I can fire people at will. Just for a second or two.

Last time ::

Last song you heard :: Smooth Operator by Sade
Last movie you saw :: X2
Last movie you saw on the big screen :: Kill Bill, Volume I. I need a life.
Last thing you had to drink :: Ghiradelli Chocolate with Blackberry Schnapps
Last thing you ate :: Tuna casserole
Last time you cried :: Still can't remember.
Last time you smiled :: a few minutes ago talking about Chauncey.
Last time you laughed :: While IMing with friends as they talked about purchases from XXX stores.
Last time you danced :: downstairs while listening to forthenight by Musiq
Last person you hugged :: Baldi
Last thing you said :: "Where's the Anna...heyyyy!"
Last person you talked to online :: Karsh
Last thing you smelled :: The scent of Anastasia Beaverhausen.
Last car ride :: my car from the supermarket
Last CD played :: Smooth Grooves After Hours
Last item bought :: Jamiroquai - Late Night Tales

Albums playing on the regular right now ::

Swing Out Sister :: Living Return, It's Better To Travel, Get In Touch With Yourself
Musiq :: Soulstar
Kelis :: Tasty
Justin Timberlake :: Justified
Ruben Studdard
Amel Larrieux :: Infinite Possibilties
Anthony Hamilton :: Comin' From Where I'm From
Alicia Keys :: The Diary of Alicia Keys
Morcheeba :: Charango
Smooth Grooves After Hours

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