iv - seal's not broken

past: Mya, Moodring
present: Seal, IV
future: Nelly Furtado, Only Child, 112, Missy Elliott, Timbaland and Magoo

Seal releases another CD. People take note. Since his albums are released more than two years apart, we’ve had to wait patiently for his songs. In a nutshell, this CD has hit further home. It may because there’s more introspection, and a little less than overt creativity. While this seems to be more heart-wrenching and much simpler than the last release, that’s a good sign.

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mya flashes her 'moodring'

joss' blue eyes

past: Joss Stone, The Soul Sessions
present: Mya, Moodring
future: Nappy Roots, Mya, Only Child, Rhian Benson, Seal

Mya's been a pretty busy lady. She dances and performs in the blockbuster movie Chicago. Seeing her being an all-around entertainer gives me enough pause to purchase her third CD, Moodring. Having listened to the last 2 albums and not being overly impressed, I expected her to have some decent tracks, but not something earth shattering.

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my siesta

My apologies for late posting. Due to laptop issues, I've been unable to blog for a few weeks. However, this is a new month, and all of my previous commitments have been met, enabliing me to continue with my passions.

I've been able to redecorate a tad, thanks to the assistance Mr. Cherry and the need to read more. For that reason, exponent has been revamped and slightly expanded to incorporate media in all of it's fine forms into the mix. New releases and additional websites will also soon be added into your peripheral vision. Exponent stays first and foremost into the music arena, but I'd like to think I do a litte more. KnowwhatImean?

In any case, express yourself to exponent. It's a good thing.

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joss' blue eyes

joss' blue eyes

past:: Anthony Hamilton, Coming Where I Come From
present: Joss Stone, The Soul Sessions
future: Nappy Roots, Mya, Only Child, Rhian Benson, Seal

S-Curve records presents Joss Stone, a girl from Devon, England. Blue eyes? She's got 'em. Her age? 16. Her voice? Strong and soulful.

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anthony hamilton's southern hospitality

anthony hamilton's southern hospitality

past: Outkast's Speakerboxxx and The Love Below
: Anthony Hamilton, Coming Where I Come From
future: Joss Stone, Nappy Roots, Mya, Only Child, Rhian Benson

Southern hospitality has always been a strong suit in rhythm and blues, albeit more in the blues and less in the rhythm. Enter Anthony Hamilton.

Anthony has had his trials and tribulations in the past to be sure. After being on various levels, recording songs, and and releasing XTC, an album which was released and all but forgotten, Anthony has used his time wisely. Touring with D'Angelo and providing vocals to Nappy Roots, Eve, Tupac, and Xzibit, he's been around. Thanks to Jermaine Dupri, Anthony has been able to record and release under So So Def an album which has brought the southern sound to the forefront.

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sol searchin'

I need a boost to catapult me high / Feels like the come up is way too tight
- Sunshine and the Rain, Joi, The Pendulum Vibe

When blogfriends spread their brilliance out so much it's hard to resist. With everyone locked out of the gym (including personnel), for a good 30 minutes, I used my time wisely.

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big boi rocks the 'speakerboxxx'

big boi rocks the 'speakerboxxx'

past: Outkast's Andre 3000, The Love Below
present: Outkast's Big Boi, Speakerboxxx
: Nappy Roots, Mya, Anthony Hamilton

This double CD set should have been called, Having Our Cake and Eating It, Too. Big Boi complements Andre on Speakerboxxx, his finger in the Outkast pie. Let's go through it blow by blow.

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above 'the love below'

past: Erykah Badu, Worldwide Underground
present: Outkast's Andre 3000, The Love Below
future: Nappy Roots, Big Boi, Mya, Anthony Hamilton

I'm floored. I'm absolutely floored. Since having this set for the entire week, I have played each CD at least once each day. I've even had to stop through Georgia Tech and purchase another copy, just in case I misplaced the original copy. Never mind the fact that I have this firmly ensconced in my MP3 player in the car. No sir, no ma'am. The reason it took me so long to review both? Because they're both good and trying to seperate Outkast into two separate pieces is almost oxymoronic. However, I won't review one without the other, so look for Speakerboxxx in the very near future.

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high 'freaquency'

high 'freaquency'

past: Blackstar, Yahzarah
present: Erykah Badu, Worldwide Underground
future: Nappy Roots, Big Boi, Andre 3000, Mya, Anthony Hamilton

You know how it goes when you hear a CD more than a couple of days since it's been out, and during that week, you've seen reviews, right? First I hit Renaissance Sistah's review, and then .daily.'s review. Then I got the CD and I had to put my foot in the water.

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yahzarah shines her 'blackstar'

past: none
present: Blackstar, Yahzarah
future: Nappy Roots, Erykah Badu, Outkast, Mya, Anthony Hamilton

Oy vey. It doesn't help that this critic was a couple of steps behind. Her import CD, Feel Me, was available to me for some time, but I slept through it. Well, now, I'm awake, and I snapped up Blackstar.

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