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big post of life lists - the first of the 'oh fresh'

Happy New Year. Via Mister JT....

Name four things you wished you had ::

A new laptop. How long have I been whining about that though?
A workout partner. Trainer's becoming a bit too expensive.
A solid contract spanning the year.
More time.

Name four things you are thinking about:

Travelling to the N.Y.C.
Purchasing more CDs.
Green Tea.
Visiting some long lost friends.

Name four things you did today ::

Read through Bloglines
Purchased some more CDs.

Top 5 songs of the right now ::

"momentinlife" - Musiq featuring Kindred The Family Soul and Cee-lo
Something about this cut just thrills me at all times, and this CD is really growing on me in a good way.

"Communion (Instrumental)" - Swing Out Sister
Every so often, I have to jump into the wayback machine. A drummer's gotta beat, after all.

"Since I Seen't You" - Anthony Hamilton
This should be the next single, no doubt.

"Half A Breath Away" - Esthero
I'm so afraid that we may never hear another thing from her again. I had to dig this outta the crate.

"Bowtie" - Outkast
It's still up in my head. This should definitely be the next release.

Last thing you ::

• Did :: Let my beagle Anna lick me while I blogged.
• Read ::Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides. Still Reading.
• Watched on TV :: Boiling Point on MTV

Who do you want to ::

Kill :: No one of note.
Hear from :: Wilkerson.
Look like :: Today, I'll say me. With a haircut of course.
Be like :: Donald Trump, so I can fire people at will. Just for a second or two.

Last time ::

Last song you heard :: Smooth Operator by Sade
Last movie you saw :: X2
Last movie you saw on the big screen :: Kill Bill, Volume I. I need a life.
Last thing you had to drink :: Ghiradelli Chocolate with Blackberry Schnapps
Last thing you ate :: Tuna casserole
Last time you cried :: Still can't remember.
Last time you smiled :: a few minutes ago talking about Chauncey.
Last time you laughed :: While IMing with friends as they talked about purchases from XXX stores.
Last time you danced :: downstairs while listening to forthenight by Musiq
Last person you hugged :: Baldi
Last thing you said :: "Where's the Anna...heyyyy!"
Last person you talked to online :: Karsh
Last thing you smelled :: The scent of Anastasia Beaverhausen.
Last car ride :: my car from the supermarket
Last CD played :: Smooth Grooves After Hours
Last item bought :: Jamiroquai - Late Night Tales

Albums playing on the regular right now ::

Swing Out Sister :: Living Return, It's Better To Travel, Get In Touch With Yourself
Musiq :: Soulstar
Kelis :: Tasty
Justin Timberlake :: Justified
Ruben Studdard
Amel Larrieux :: Infinite Possibilties
Anthony Hamilton :: Comin' From Where I'm From
Alicia Keys :: The Diary of Alicia Keys
Morcheeba :: Charango
Smooth Grooves After Hours

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