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mya flashes her 'moodring'

joss' blue eyes

past: Joss Stone, The Soul Sessions
present: Mya, Moodring
future: Nappy Roots, Mya, Only Child, Rhian Benson, Seal

Mya's been a pretty busy lady. She dances and performs in the blockbuster movie Chicago. Seeing her being an all-around entertainer gives me enough pause to purchase her third CD, Moodring. Having listened to the last 2 albums and not being overly impressed, I expected her to have some decent tracks, but not something earth shattering.

She starts out with My Love Is Like Wo. Although somewhat entertaining, it fails to keep my attention. Falling is a bit more on the feel-good side and stays inside your head. Why You Gotta Look So Good grooves well. So does Step...but by this time the tunes start to blur. Sophisticated Lady featuring Rick James' Cold Blooded as a backdrop blurs me even further.

No Sleep is a standout. Although it's constructed with a cute intro, noncomplicated lyrics and beats, and a simple background chorus, it's just catchy and insidious enough to be one of the standouts of the CD. The Jam & Lewis track Anatomy One On One is nice, but certainly not a blockbuster. Mya and Gunz grace the track Hurry Up. It's a good track, and would be a catchy, in-your-face cut if it were not for DJ Clue and Desert Storm continually upsetting it. DJs as a rule provide a beat, not talk over it.

After finally getting through Hurry Up, Sean Paul floats into the next track, Things Come and Go. His fan base will no doubt be pleased with this track. You is a splendid track with organ and strings, generating a strong love song. After The Rain speaks of a love affair gone wrong with an interpolation of Voyage To Atlantis included. It's intentions are good, but it misses the mark. Mya's vocals are varied in this song, raising this song a bit near the end. Late has a very simple beat and vocals, but's it's accentuated with lyrics, knocking it right outta the box.

I'm sure that Whatever Bitch is thrilling, but I missed it. The bitteness of Taste It pulls it back up ("It's like I'm sleepin' with the enemy/What's up?") but I'm sure Mary Had a Little Lamb would pull it up just as well. Take A Picture leads us into Free Fallin', a remake of Tom Petty's cut, by name only.

The CD ends with the track Compared To What graced with Common, a nice track used in a Coca Cola commercial. A very, very nice final note to her CD.

Moodring eases well into the backdrop of any event. It's no blockbuster, but has enough tracks and beats to be entertaining. 5/10. Next.

Express yourself with eXponent. It's a good thing.

You give me all the love I ever need
You always bring it home to me
I betcha don't get no sleep tonight.

- No Sleep

'Cuz it takes more than flippin' burgers & fries
Smokin' dro, playin on the XBOX & hangin' at the strip club is gonna have to stop

- Late

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yes, Finally some words! Mya did her thing on her lastest cd. My fav tracks are Fallen, Things Come and Go...i could list just about the entire cd. i'm waiting to see what the futre will have for her.

Posted by: anfanee at Nov 9, 2003 12:59:35 AM

i need to take full listen to these cd. I have heard My Love Is Like Wo, and Fallen, and I enjoy both.

Posted by: Renaissance Sistah at Nov 10, 2003 8:13:44 PM

Whoops... typo's & errors

I need to take full listen to this cd. I have heard My Love Is Like Wo, and Fallen, and I enjoy both.

Posted by: Renaissance Sistah at Nov 10, 2003 8:15:19 PM

i love mya she is absolutely the best singer and choreographer in the world sheis so sick with it mya is my idol i also sing and i have been in many talent shows performing her songs because she inspires me i ray to god that if i ever get a record deal she will be on my album mya is truly my idol love you always Tashara Cross

Posted by: Tashara Cross at Dec 12, 2003 9:55:21 AM

Am I missing something? I found the CD weak. Nothing special at all.

Posted by: prince C. at Jan 5, 2004 7:24:54 PM

I have the cd but I don't listen to it that much. Only 2 songs I like...Love is like Woa and Fallen. Both of the videos were great, she knows how to dance!!

Posted by: bob at Sep 20, 2004 3:08:34 PM