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my siesta

My apologies for late posting. Due to laptop issues, I've been unable to blog for a few weeks. However, this is a new month, and all of my previous commitments have been met, enabliing me to continue with my passions.

I've been able to redecorate a tad, thanks to the assistance Mr. Cherry and the need to read more. For that reason, exponent has been revamped and slightly expanded to incorporate media in all of it's fine forms into the mix. New releases and additional websites will also soon be added into your peripheral vision. Exponent stays first and foremost into the music arena, but I'd like to think I do a litte more. KnowwhatImean?

In any case, express yourself to exponent. It's a good thing.

November 8, 2003 | Permalink


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glad your back.....

Posted by: Renaissance Sistah at Nov 8, 2003 9:28:46 AM