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sol searchin'

I need a boost to catapult me high / Feels like the come up is way too tight
- Sunshine and the Rain, Joi, The Pendulum Vibe

When blogfriends spread their brilliance out so much it's hard to resist. With everyone locked out of the gym (including personnel), for a good 30 minutes, I used my time wisely.

First I noticed that George did a little magic, and then Jason followed suit. Originating from Jonno and his mind, they were able to throw a keyword into iTunes and shape and mold a playlist. Since I don't have iTunes, I came up with another solution.

The problem at DIC is that there is not one piece of Apple equipment. With a total of over 15 computing devices and not one Apple, what's a brother to do? The solution: use file searching and Media Center to burn a CD. Using Media Center, we had the added advantage of fade-out/fade in when playing and recording music. (Caveat: Music Match works well also; Media Center, however, has newer features).

My keyword for the making of my CD was the word 'sun'. Using this, I came up with the following playlist:

## Track Artist Album Length
1 Sunshine & the Rain Joi The Pendulum Vibe 4:37
2 In The Sun Adriana Evans Adriana Evans 4:39
3 Summer Sun Koop / Nagano, Yukimi Waltz for Koop 3:47
4 Sun Goddess [Live] Earth, Wind & Fire The Eternal Dance (2 of 3) 7:37
5 Run To The Sun NERD (The Neptunes) In Search Of (Retail) 4:47
6 The Sunshine N'Dambi 'Tunin' Up & Cosignin'' (Disc 2) (2001) 4:26
7 el dorado sunrise (super chicken) Cee-Lo Cee-Lo Green And His Perfect Imperfections 5:31
8 Sunshine [Mediterranean Vocal Mix] DJ Chus/Penn, David Jazz in the House (3 of 3) 6:48
9 Lenny Fontana Featuring Beverly T - Spirit Of The Sun (Bump & Flex Hard Step Dub) Artful Dodger Rewind 4:40
10 The Sunshine Ease Your Love [#] Bingle, Aaron Brazilectro, Vol. 4 (2 of 2) 3:47
11 Walking on Sunshine Donnie Calvin/Rocker's Revenge Old School Jams: The History Lesson (2 of 2) 4:51
12 Never in Your Sun Stevie Wonder In Square Circle 4:06
13 Sunrays Yesterday's New Quintet Another Late Night 3:14
14 Sunshine Nicki Richards Naked ( To The World ) 4:02
15 Sunshine Alexander O'Neal Hearsay 5:59
16 A Place in the Sun Stevie Wonder At the Close of the Century (1 of 4) 2:51
17 Sandy Farina - Here Comes the Sun Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band   3:05

This playlist was easy to compress into a CD format. I had a mishap with the word 'moon' however, coming through with far few tracks that I had in MP3 format. A great list, yes, but far too short:

  Artist Song Title Album Length
1 Erykah Badu Orange Moon Mama's Gun 7:10
2 Norah Jones Shoot The Moon Come Away with Me 3:56
3 N'Dea Davenport Underneath a Read Moon N'Dea Davenport 4:15
4 Erykah Badu Orange Moon Mama's Gun 7:10
5 Various Artists Moonraker - Shirley Bassey The Best of Bond... James Bond 3:09
6 Rufus & Chaka Khan Half Moon Rufusized 3:17
7 Brandy Full Moon Full Moon 4:08
8 Lamya Pink Moon Learning From Falling 2:47
9 George Benson Kisses in the Moonlight The Best of George Benson [Warner Brothers] 4:25
10 Jamiroquai Mr. Moon The Return of the Space Cowboy 5:29
11 Donald Fagen Countermoon Kamakiriad 5:05
12 Herb Alpert Rocket to the Moon Keep Your Eye on Me 3:53

Hmm, my mind is all clear now. What playlists do you have in mind? Discuss.


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Posted by: Prime at Oct 5, 2003 8:20:18 AM

I had done mine by hand with windows media player. It was a pain in the ass. Media Center is going to be my new toy today.

Posted by: Jason at Oct 5, 2003 1:32:29 PM


Posted by: karsh at Oct 5, 2003 2:34:49 PM

this is dope this playlist architecture you boys are tinkering with. i just let my ipod and itunes randomly play whatever. it's very suitable for my listening pleasure as my mood jumps all over the damn place. but seeing your graphic representation ej has me thinking. hmm...

Posted by: lynne at Oct 12, 2003 5:49:19 PM