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joss' blue eyes

joss' blue eyes

past:: Anthony Hamilton, Coming Where I Come From
present: Joss Stone, The Soul Sessions
future: Nappy Roots, Mya, Only Child, Rhian Benson, Seal

S-Curve records presents Joss Stone, a girl from Devon, England. Blue eyes? She's got 'em. Her age? 16. Her voice? Strong and soulful.

The Chokin' Kind is where Joss tells us That hat don't fit my head/It's the chokin' kind. Sets the tone for the entire album. Supa Dupa Love is solid. When Joss tells you that she Fell In Love With A Boy, remember: don't go tellin' all the lies on Sarah. She then warns about the bitterness than can bring a love affair down with Victim of a Foolish Heart. Back to rekindle a relationship, a past love of her partner tries to break their relationship apart.

In the next track, she rids herself of the Dirty Man: I'm a good housekeeper/I'm gonna take broom and sweep all the dirt in the street. The dirty man gets replaced with a man who is Some Kind of Wonderful, a nice upbeat track to lift the spirits. She uplifts it even further with I've Fallen In Love With You. She talks about the slumber last night with I Had a Dream.

The downfall of love is told in All The King's Horses:He fell, I fell/There's nothing else left to tell. Joss then ends the CD solidly with For the Love Of You, the Isley Brothers classic. She makes it even more mellow, with simply her voice - no keyboards, no drums, just her voice and chords in the background which is merely a superflous backdrop.

Joss is solid. These selections are definitely classics which she puts her shine on gracefully. This is a great introduction. Now that she's put her spin on classics, it's time for her to shine more in her own light.

e-scale: 7/10

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Can't think of anything to do
My left brain knows our love is fleeting
He's been looking for something new
I've said it once before but it bears repeating

- Fell In Love With A Boy

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While I like the album, some of the songs do suffer from a little over-riffing ("The Choking Kind" and "Are You Diggin' On Me" in particular), but the last four tracks on the album are my favorites, especially "I've Fallen In Love With You". She really has fun with that song.

Posted by: karsh at Nov 8, 2003 2:46:58 PM

i finally pick this album up, and have enjoyed the listen through 2 rotations. thanks for the info.

Posted by: Renaissance Sistah at Feb 21, 2004 11:33:24 AM

Joss Stone is definately in a category all of her own. Under the guidance of Betty Wright and talent alone , she has proven that she has what it takes to belt out pure uncut soul. As her voice matures, and she gains the poise and stage presence that is needed form todays artist, she will, beyond a shadow of doubt, leave us all speechless.

Posted by: Blu at May 6, 2004 5:27:20 PM

Jet Lag is thus far my favorite J. Stone tune. She is so incredibly gifted; she's great! Peace, --ECS.

Posted by: Esther Seltzer at Nov 16, 2004 2:40:47 PM