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above 'the love below'

past: Erykah Badu, Worldwide Underground
present: Outkast's Andre 3000, The Love Below
future: Nappy Roots, Big Boi, Mya, Anthony Hamilton

I'm floored. I'm absolutely floored. Since having this set for the entire week, I have played each CD at least once each day. I've even had to stop through Georgia Tech and purchase another copy, just in case I misplaced the original copy. Never mind the fact that I have this firmly ensconced in my MP3 player in the car. No sir, no ma'am. The reason it took me so long to review both? Because they're both good and trying to seperate Outkast into two separate pieces is almost oxymoronic. However, I won't review one without the other, so look for Speakerboxxx in the very near future.

Introducing Atlanta, New York, and Paris in the same sentence during the introduction should be a warning label to all that this is going to be all over the place, and it is. Sliding into the ears with the nicely mellow piano tune Love Hater and then an interlude having a conversation with God had my head shaking in the car. I'm pretty sure I'm not alone. Cupid Valentino steps in and gives you the groove of Happy Valentine's Day. By this time, I've come to the realization that comparing him to anyone would be futile.

Spread comes across as a nice drum-and-bass coital-comedic track, leading into Where Are My Panties. These two tracks take sexuality freakiness with unabashed joy and the unrequited need to lay in someone's hair. Ice Cold then declares falling in love with Prototype, and wants to let you know about it ("I can't afford to not record!") Andre then rocks us back into the Love Below with Rosario Dawson decorating the blissful track She Lives In My Lap. Supreme.

Hey Ya, the current release and video, beings us into Roses, a tune with the inflections of Big Boi interwoven in. He lets you know that the roses he sees aren't exactly fragrant. Bitterness aside, he slides into Good Day Good Sir with a nice "Andre and Farnsworth Bentley" meets "Laurel and Hardy" tune. The groove Behold A Lady segues into Pink & Blue, a lovely, lovely slow joint cowritten by R. Kelly. Love In War asks for forgiveness and reconciliation with snares, drum beats and violins sharing the auditory canals with scratching.

She's Alive has to be one of the most poignant tracks done in recent memory, which speaks volumes about being a single parent at a young age. Absolutely classic, it leads into the Kelis-infused track Dracula's Wedding. Dracula's terrified, y'all. These Are A Few of My Favorite Things phases in, given a nice interpretation by Dre. Boom Bap indeed. Norah Jones then encourages you to Take Off Your Cool, an all too short musical treat. Vibrate does exactly that to my brain. An all-encompassing A Day In The Life of Benjamin Andre ends this CD on a high note (as if it couldn't get any higher).

This is a fantastic CD. He touches everything, leaving no stone unturned. There are too many favorites here for me to list, as they change every day. Right now, Prototype and These Are A Few of My Favorite Things stand out. Just yesterday, it was She Lives In My Lap, and the day before that...well, I'm sure you get my drift.

My mind is still racing. And I'm not alone. Check Mister JT's thoughts out.

e-scale.... 10/10

ej wants you to share your world. Express yourself to eXponent. It's a good thing.

You won't believe in me, but you would fancy leprechauns or groundhogs-
No thank you, Easter Bunny.
- Happy Valentine's Day

What's wrong? What are you afraid of?
The Love Below
- She Lives In My Lap

Don't run, I'm not the sun. So much at stake...
...oh! Bad choice of words!
- Dracula's Wedding

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I think R. Kelly only gets co-writing credit because of the Aaliyah sample (a plus in my opinion)

She lives in My Lap and Roses are killing me right now and, yeah, it changes every day.

I just started sitting with Speakerboxxx yesterday. I need a few more moments with it to give it justice.

Posted by: Jason at Sep 28, 2003 2:28:58 PM

unrateable! and that's a great thing. you can't rate that which exists outside of the status quo, outside of the standard......my advise to those who haven't hear this album..."you gotta hear this"!

Posted by: hardCore at Sep 29, 2003 1:49:29 PM

still listening to this cd!

Posted by: redesigning kevinrscott at Sep 29, 2003 1:53:33 PM

I'm still listening to "The Love Below," -- Wow.

Posted by: Antonio G at Oct 1, 2003 12:55:17 AM

it's allllll about dracula's wedding... talk about the halloween JAM! word to your mummy!

Posted by: internalflumbustion at Oct 7, 2003 10:20:18 PM

There's no one like Mr. Bentley ("Fonzworth")!!!

Posted by: Lady Mae at Jan 6, 2004 9:49:44 PM

I wish I was in the studio, when these albums were created. The thought process of 3000 when creating this... I'm speechless! I hope they never stop making music. I hope they have as much albums as the grains of sand here on South Beach. I wish Daddy Fat Saks would tell me what was his musical influence on Rooster. These are the greatest album since Purple Rain, Babylon By Bus, and Tougher Than Leather. This album puts a nail in the coffin! (I'm sorry "Johnny Vulture" I forgot about Dracula's Wedding) Nuff Said.

Posted by: Jah-Seen at Jun 12, 2006 2:25:05 PM